“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.”

Maya Angelou

The Academy

The Mode Elle academy and online registration for upcoming opportunities can be accessed at

Mode Elle's academy focuses on scouting, developing and training aspiring models & talent. The academy side of Mode Elle directly supports the agency side of the business. If a model or talent reaches out to Mode Elle with an interest in starting to work in the industry with minimal experience, the academy supports them by providing classes, resources, and workshops to give them a competitive edge as they start attending auditions and castings. The academy also supports our roster of working models and talent by providing them with workshop opportunities to keep refining their skills and growing their resume.

The Mode Elle academy is also known in the local community as a centre for personal and career development. Mode Elle’s courses and workshops play a pivotal role in developing young individuals self-confidence by encouraging them to discover their passions and develop their own unique skill set. Along with teaching the fundamentals of runway, photo movement, and acting for TV and Film, there are specific classes that focus on positive body language and communication, such as interview and public speaking skills. 

The goal of the Mode Elle academy is to help all students feel like they have a toolkit of skills that they can use to help them be successful in any room they walk into. That room could be a casting for a runway show or on a film set, but it could also be a job interview or a presentation at school.

Once students feel confident for anything an audition could throw at them, the Mode Elle team helps students onboard onto the agency's roster with a personal promotion strategy. As models and talent begin to regularly audition for and book work, they continue to practice and develop by participating in academy workshops and events to keep their skills sharp.

Mode Elle current course calendar includes:

  • Professional Modelling, Acting, Personal Development course
  • Professional Acting, Commercial, and Personal Development course (Acting focus)
  • Professional Modelling, Fashion, and Personal Development course (Modelling focus)
  • One-day model bootcamps (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions)
  • One-day Acting Intensives (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions)
  • ...and more!

Learn more about our academy and register for upcoming opportunities at

Reach out to with any questions or academy inquiries!